Lux Hot Technology

Lux Hot Decor ia located in Dallas, Texas. Lux Hot Products are proudly made in the USA!
Lux Hot uses a NEW internationally patented technology from P2 Technology, of Dallas, Texas to create heated seat pads, cushions or pillows for both indoor and outdoor use. A thin heating element, along with an energy shield is placed under the fabric and product of choice. The element is powered by a battery pack that is hidden inside of the pillow or seat pad in a small pouch for easy access to the temperature controls. The battery uses energy pulse circuitry to optimize or manage the way a device allocates the energy from the battery. The heated product quickly comes to temperature and can last as long as 8 hours on the low setting. The battery unit is completely rechargable. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Heat Tech cushions, seat pads and pillows are available in limitless fabric options and sizes.
What makes this technology different that other battery technology?
The technology is NOT the battery. It’s the circuitry. It’s all about energy optimization. P2 Power Pulse technology consists of energy pulse circuitry that optimizes or manages the way a device allocates the energy from its energy source. Power Pulse by P2 Technology is a battery management technology, not just a simple battery.
How long will the battery last in my Lux Hot Pillow or Cushion?
Battery units currently available on the market will last at most 2 hours until it’s time to recharge. The P2 Technology is longer lasting and consistent.
  • Using the HIGH setting the battery should last 3-4 hours.
  • Using the LOW Setting the battery should last approximately 8 hours.
Is the battery rechargable?

The battery is rechargable using a standard wall outlet or can be charged in the car through the cigarette lighter. Using a wall outlet, the charging time is approximately 2 hours. A car charger that uses a cigarette lighter is also available.
What is the temperature of the element?

On the low setting, the temperature is approximately125 degrees F. Using the high setting, the seat temperature is approximately 145 degrees F when the weight of the body is sitting or leaning against the product.
Is the heating element and battery waterproof?

The heating element and battery, in selected outdoor cushions and pillows, are surounded by a waterproof liner and pouch that has a dual functionality of keeping the cushion foam dry as well as the protecting the heating element and battery from rain or water. Selected cushions also include a waterproof zipper for added security. Interior only cushions and pillows are not waterproof and are for indoor use only. Washing of the outer fabric is dependent on fabric type. The battery and element should be removed prior to any kind of washing and never be submerged in water.
Is the battery technology safe to use?

Power Pulse Technology by P2 is extremely safe. Can be used outdoors and in all weather conditions. All components are UL Recognized.
Lux Hot Decor an authorized manufacturer and distrubutor of P2 Technologies, the owner of the patent. We can manufacture cushions, pillows, seat pads and more, in a limitless selection of fabrics and sizes and can include this technology in the design of your choice.
Patents & Patents Pending
P2 Technologies has an international patent on the energy pulsing algorithm and circuitry and heating element. Additional Patents Pending