LUX HOT Pet Beds

Lux Hot Heated Seat Pads and PillowsSunbrella outdoo fabrics

LUX HOT FAUX FUR Heated Pet Beds

FAUX FUR pet beds feature a beautiful selection of cozy fur on the top and a sturdy an durable layer of canvas on the bottom. Zipper opening to access the heating element control and rechargable battery. Keep you favorite pad warm and cozy without the need to plug in to an electrical outlet. No dangerous wiring to chew. Great for road trips or when your pet needs some extra theraputic comfort to make them feel better. The LUX HOT rechargable battery technology will keep your pet warm for 7-8 hours on the low setting and 4-5 hours on the high setting. When needed, just pug the rechargable battery pack into a standard wall outlet and recharge in approximately 2 hours.

LUX HOT Heated Pet Beds in SUNBRELLA Outdoor Fabrics

Sunbrella is a beautiful and durable solution dyed acrylic that can be used both indoors an out. Keep your pet cozy and warm during those chilly nights on the patio or while camping with a heated pet bed in Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Add this pet bed to your crate for added comfort. Great for hunting dogs too! A small battery pack and tempreature controller is tucked away inside the bedwith easy access from the hidden zipper opening LUX HOT Sunbrella Heated pet beds include a waterproof liner to keep the fill on the inside clean and dry. The bottom of the pet bed features a outdoor mesh fabric and zipper opening. The Sunbrella Fabric cover can be removed and washed, then put back onto the foam insert.   On the low setting, the pillow will stay warm for 7-8 hours. On the high setting, the LUX HOT faux fur pillow will last 4-5 hours. Just plug the battery pack into a standard wall socket and it will recharge in about 2 hours! No need to replace batteries.

All LUX HOT decor products using Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics are made in Dallas, Texas USA! Not an import item. LUX HOT heated pillows are available in 2 sizes and are a perfect gift idea for anyone who likes to stay warm and cozy.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information about the LUX HOT technology.

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LUX HOT Faux Fur Pet Bed

A heated pet bed made of cozy faux fur for your pampered poochie or favorite fur baby. Available in two sizes. Made from Faux Fur and includes a LUX HOT heating element with a rechargeable battery. No need to plug in. Can be used anywhere. Battery in rechargeable and long lasting.

LUX HOT Sunbrella Pet Beds

Give your perfect pet the perfectly cozy bed for anywhere at any time. Safer than the plug in models. This pet bed has a long lasting rechargeable battery and heating element. No chewing on wires with the danger of electrical shock. Made in Sunbrella Fabrics with a waterproof liner to protect the interior foam. These pet beds are made for both indoors and out.